Is ride height compromised?

This is a misconception we sometimes see mentioned in online forums and social media.  The argument is that a dual setup (3-wheel and 4-wheel) frame compromises ride height for the 4-wheel setup in order to fit the 3-wheel setup.  Therefore, dedicated frames would be better.  This may be true for other manufacturer's attempts at such a design, but there is no compromise for the Endless 165/180 mm designs.

We have carefully optimized the frame design for 165/180 mm boots so that both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel setups have the minimum ride height possible, especially for the FR series skates.  For the 3-wheel setup this is usually constrained by the center wheel clearance to the bottom of the boot.  For the 4-wheel setup the ride height is always constrained by the clearance between the 2nd wheel and the frame mounting bolt, and between the 2nd wheel and frame section that interfaces with the forward mount.  In each of our frame designs the driving configuration is always the 4-wheel setup.  For example, in the case of the Endless 90 Frame mounted on an FR1 boot in a 4x90 setup, the clearance between the 2nd wheel and the frame mounting bolt is less than 1 mm.  In the 3x110 setup the clearance between the center wheel and the bottom of the boot is just over 1 mm.

By choosing an Endless frame, you are ensuring you have the lowest ride height possible for 165 mm boots, especially compared to stock frames from other manufacturers.

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