Is the rocker similar to Wizard frames?

Our Balanced Rocker is similar in the sense that it is not the standard 2 mm banana rocker that most  rockered frames on the market have.  It, too, can be considered a "slight" amount of rocker.  However, our rocker recipe is unique to Endless Frames and is not meant to be a clone or copy of any other.  There's many possibilities for rocker designs less than 2 mm, and so we developed setups in that design space that offer what we feel is a very enjoyable skating experience.  Each of our frame sizes has its own specific rocker finely tuned for the individual frame design.  In other words, it's not a one-size-fits-all approach to the amount of rocker we have chosen.  If you require the specific experience that a Wizard setup offers, then definitely consider supporting their amazing company and products.

Check out this blog post for more thoughts on rocker design.

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