What wheels should I get?

We really enjoy skating Undercover and Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels, both of which use high quality urethane poured in the U.S.A.  Our own Endless wheels made for us by Undercover are an excellent choice.  For recreational or urban skating we prefer durometers between 84A and 86A.  This range generally gives a good balance of speed, wear, grip, and slide.

When using the 3x100 setup on the Endless 80 frame, or the 3x110 setup on the Endless 90 frame we recommend bullet profile wheels to provide sufficient clearance.  Full radius (round) profile 100 mm wheels like the Loco Skates Revolver may interfere with the 2nd and 3rd wheel bosses on the Endless 80 frame.  This means your center wheel may have trouble spinning freely.  Loco Skates Revolver wheels, however, have no issue when used in the 4-wheel setups on the Endless frames.

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