Keeping track of wheels when switching setups

We use a simple system to help us keep track of wheel positions so that wear patterns stay on track for wheel rotations.  Before removing wheels from the skate we take a black Sharpie and write the foot and wheel number on the center edge of each wheel.  For example, if it's the 2nd wheel on the Left skate one would write "L2".  If it's the 3rd wheel on the Right skate one would write "R3", and so on.  The wheel at the toe of the skate is the 1st wheel, and the wheel at the heel of the skate is the 4th wheel.  For the 1st wheel we also write an arrow pointing toward the outside of the skate.  This helps to remember which way the graphics on the wheels were facing when we removed them.  As an added bonus, when the Sharpie marking get worn off the wheels from skating it's a good reminder that it's probably time to rotate your wheels to maintain an even wear pattern.

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