How do I choose the right skate size?

Choosing the right skate size can be a confusing and frustrating experience for beginner skaters.  Many new skaters often choose sizes that are too big based on their street shoe size, and once the skates break in they experience a sloppy or loose fit.  The first step is to forget what your street shoe size is because it won't matter with inline skates.  What does matter is the actual measured length of your feet.  We recommend measuring both feet becuase sometimes one foot is longer than the other.

To measure your feet, click this link and follow the instructions.  

Measuring your foot in millmeters gives your your Mondopoint (MP) size.  You typically choose the MP size closest to your measurement.  For example, a measurement of 259 mm will correspond to MP 26.  A measurement of 273 mm could be either MP 27 or MP 27.5 depending on whether you want a tighter, performance fit, or a roomier, comfort fit.  If you are in between sizes, and you don't mind enduring an uncomfortable break-in during the first 20-50 miles, one can often fit into the smaller size with some perseverance.  This can sometimes result in a smaller shell, which typically means a lighter and more repsonsive skate.  Use the chosen Mondopoint size to then look up your skate size on the manufacturer's sizing chart.

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