Mercury Frame care and cleaning

The premium mirror finish on the Mercury frames can reveal fingerprints, tiny scratches, marks, and nicks.  During normal handling and skating the frame may get scratched.  Wiping dust and debris off of the frame can also put micro-scratches in the finish, similar to what you would experience when you take your car to the carwash.  The best way to care for your Mercury frame and keep it looking magical is to avoid skating on sandy or rough surfaces where dirt, pebbles, or debris may bounce off the frame.  

To clean the frame we recommend using a clean, soft microfiber cloth to lightly dust off dry dirt particles and dust.  Do not attempt to wipe a dirty wet frame, or use a wet cloth on a dirty frame.  This will only drag small dirt particles across the finish and cause scratches.  When the frame is completely free of dust, a clean microfiber cloth may be used to wipe off fingerprints.

Please note: Brand new frames may have micro-scratches from normal handling during manufacturing. There is no warranty on the finish of this product.  

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