Endless 90 UFS Setup Guide

This guide explains how to properly mount and align your new Endless 90 frames to you boot, and how to configure the 2-piece axles using either 84 or 90 mm wheels to achieve a 4x84 Enhanced Flat setup, or a 4x90 Balanced Rocker setup.  This guide also explains how to attach the optional Sliders.

Frame Mounting

UFS (Flat Mount)

The short slots in the frame allow for a centered mount at one end, and up to 3 mm of rear bias at the other. This adjustment range allows you to optimize the location of the middle pivot points relative to the anatomy of your foot. To center the frame on your UFS boot slide the frame fully forward, toward to the front of your boot.  To bias the frame 3 mm towards the rear, slide the frame fully toward the heel of the boot.  To be clear: centering the frame mounting bolt in the slot does NOT center the frame. 

IMPORTANT: The rear of the frame is marked "endless".  The front of the frame is marked "90|84".  Do not be the person that posts their new setup to Reddit or Instagram with the frame installed backwards.  Also, if you intend to remove a sole plate from your boot and mount directly to the boot (e.g. Seba SX/CJ), then may need to obtain shorter frame mounting bolts.

THEM 909 owners: You may need to replace you frame mounting bolts with non-shouldered M6 bolts.  We've seen stock frame bolts from THEM that have a shoulder that does not conform to the UFS standard.

The following pic shows where the frame bolt would be for a centered mount.

Configuration Axles

Each Endless 90 UFS Frame set includes eight (8) Black 2-piece Configuration Axles and mating Axle Screws. These allow you to configure the frame for use with either 84 or 90 mm wheels. The amount of rocker is different for each of the two setups, which are both optimized for minimum ride height.     

  1. Orient black axle so that circular dot is facing UP when using 4x84 mm wheels. This will yield the lowest ride height and give you an Enhanced Flat micro-rocker. This may feel the most familiar to aggressive skaters who are used to skating 270 mm flat frames.  
  2. Orient black axle so that circular dot is facing DOWN when using 4x90 mm wheels. This will give you the same Balanced Rocker as featured on our 165 Endless 90 frame, which balances stability and manueverability  
Special Configuration: On some UFS boots with sufficient wheel well depth in the sole plate, or boots with no sole plate (e.g. FR Skates UFR) it is possible to use 90 mm wheels in the Enhanced Flat configuration for an ultra-low 4x90 setup. All the axles should be oriented with the circular dot facing UP. Not all boots will allow this configuration.

UFS (Flat Mount)

Axle Configuration Summary

Wheel Size Rocker Intensity Axle Orientation
84 mm Enhanced Flat Black UP
90 mm Balanced Rocker Black DOWN
90 mm *
Enhanced Flat * Black UP *

* Wheels may not clear all boots in this configuration if the sole plate does not have wheel clearance cutouts.  We have verified it fits the FR Skates UFR, and THEM 909 boots.

Axle Installation

  1. Align the bearings, spacer, slot, and screw hole using a skate tool or a wooden pencil (see video).  We recommend the Sonic Sports skate tool, which has a bearing alignment feature.  When all these features are aligned, it will make inserting the axles much easier.
  2. Insert the black Configuration Axle into the slot with the dot oriented up or down as required.  All four axles must orient the same direction.  The end of the axle should insert into the 6 mm hole on the far side of the frame, and the head should sit flush with the frame.  If you have Sliders installed, make sure the head of the axle is sitting below the outer surface of the Slider. 
  3. Thread the 5 mm Axle Screw into the female threads of the Configuration Axle.  Use a 4 mm hex key or skate tool to fully install the screw into the end of the axle.  Once it stops turning easily, snug the screw about an extra 1/8th turn (see video).  Do not overtighten.
  4. Do not use power tools to tighten the Axle Screws.

Wheel Rotation

Wheel wear will always be unique to the way each individual uses their skates, and no two skaters will ever have wheels that looks the same after skating the same distance.  The goal is to rotate wheels so that a consistent rocker and edge wear pattern is maintained before needing to replace the wheels.  The more often the wheels are rotated, the more consistent the feel of the rocker will be between rotations.  We recommend one of the following wheel rotation schemes:

  1. Flip each wheel in place to wear inside and outside edges evenly.  This scheme may slightly exaggerate the rocker over time, as most skaters tend to wear their outer wheels more heavily.
  2. Swap 1L (front left) with 3R (3rd right) and flip; swap 1R with 3L and flip; swap 2L with 4R and flip; swap 2R with 4L and flip.  This scheme will balance wear between left and right frames, and between the front and back of each frame. 

Slider Installation

The optional Sliders can be attached to either side of the frame using the included M3x6 steel screws. We recommend using the Sliders on the outside of the frame for sole tricks, and on the inside of the frame for negative tricks.  If you'd like to have sliders on both sides of the frame then a second set of two (2) Sliders can be purchased separately. It is not necessary to remove the wheels or axles to install or remove the Sliders, but it sometimes can be easier to install the axles without the Sliders in place.

  1. Align the Slider on the side of the frame, lining up the four (4) countersink holes in the Slider with the threaded holes on the frame.  The "Endless" logo should face outward.
  2. Thread the small M3x6 screws into the holes. 
  3. Tighten the screws with a Phillips screwdriver so that they are snug. Do not overtighten. A dab of Blue Loctite may be used on the threads for a more secure attachment.
  4. Check the screws before each skating session to verify they are secure.  

Slide Installation on Endless 90 UFS Frame

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