Rollerblade boot compatibility

Which Endless Frames will fit on my Rollerblade boots?

If you have a Rollerblade Twister, Twister Edge, Twister XT, RB, RB Cruister, RB-Pro, or RB110 skate then the following 165 mm mount Endless frames will fit on your boot no problem:

  • Endless 80
  • Endless 90
  • Endless 90 ES
  • Endless 100 RB (has front-back adjustability)
  • Endless Arc | Arc ES (has front-back adjustability)

The folllowing frames can technically be mounted, but they will have about an 8 mm rear bias. Rear bias means that there is more wheel sticking out in the back than there is in the front. You may or may not want this, as it gives a little more rear stability and more maneuverability up front. Many customers skate these frames like this without issue.

  • Endless 100
  • Endless 110

Please note for the Endless 110 frame there is only a single hole in the rear mount for 165 mm mounitng. So this means that true lateral adjustment will not be available for this frame on Rollerblade boots. Angular alignment is possible since there is a lateral slot for the forward mount.

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