Endless Frame Locks

Endless Frame Locks are the missing link for unlocking maximum performance from your 165 mount frames.  Specifically designed for the lateral mounting slots on all Endless 165 frames, our patent pending Frame Locks minimize unwanted play in the frame-to-boot bolted joint while simultaneously improving mechanical coupling between the frame and boot.  

This part was engineered to keep 165 frames from shifting when subjected to intense or abusive skating. If you struggle to keep your frames secured in place, or have always wished there was a single perfectly centered hole for mounting your frames this is the absolute best solution.

Insert these parts into the front and rear mounting slots from inside the frame in place of standard washers.  The frame mounting bolt passes through the hole in the Frame Lock.

Why Frames Locks are superior to standard washers

When you use a standard washer with a 165 frame that has lateral mounting slots, the frame is held in place predominantly by friction. If forces on your frame (from jumping, falling, or other heavy use) overcome the friction between the washer and the frame, then your frame will shift. The problem is exacerbated if your mounting bolt is not fully tightened. Solely relying upon friction for a bolted joint is not ideal especially when your personal safety is at stake.

Frame Locks allow the bolted joint to carry tension and shear loads properly, and to its full strength. Instead of relying upon friction to keep the frame in place, there is a metal part that bears up against the shank of the bolt, loading it in shear. The frame will only shift now if the bolt or frame itself fails.

Absolute Frame Stability

Frame Locks restrict frame movement by securing frame mounting bolts at a fixed position. The usual play in frame mounting slots is significantly minimized.

Frame Shifting Safeguard

The Frame Locks prevents large frame shifts if mounting bolts loosen slightly from rigorous use or neglected maintenance. They convert the usual friction joint to one that more appropriately places the bolt in shear and tension.

Precision Alignment

A single tightly toleranced thru hole in each Frame Lock ensures precise lateral and angular frame positioning/alignment.

Superior Clamping Force

The clamping force of the mounting bolt is distributed over a greater surface area, which reduces frame deflection under load at the base and improves coupling of the frame to the boot.  This translates directly to enhanced power transfer, responsiveness, and stability for jumping.

Technical Details

  • Centered Frame Locks (pink) have a centered hole.  
  • Offset Frame Locks (blue) provide an offset hole for laterally shifting your frame 2 mm.
  • A combination of Centered and Offset parts may be used to achieve a 0.7 degree angular shift in alignment.  Or two Offset Frame Locks may be used in opposite directions to achieve a 1.4 degree angular shift.
  • Accepts 5/16", 8 mm, or 6 mm frame bolts
  • Compatible with all Endless 165 frames
  • Fit requirements for 3rd party frames:
    • Minimum slot size: 8.5 x 16 mm
    • Minimum flange clearance: 15.5 x 23 mm
  • May be purchased as an add-on for all Endless 165 Frames. See note about Swan Frame below.

Using 6 mm Bolts with Frame Locks

Some Rollerblade boots like the Twister Edge / XT, and all Adapt boots use 6 mm frame mounting bolts. It's worth noting that the thru hole in the Frame Lock part is optimally sized for 5/16" bolts so there may be some play when using a 6 mm bolt. We have considered making dedicated 6 mm versions of the Centered and Offset Frame Lock parts, but have noticed on Twister Edge / XT boots that the 165 mm spacing is not held very precisely on the boots we have on hand. For example the spacing on one boot I have is about 163 mm. Therefore the extra tolerance in the hole is necessary to accommodate the large tolerance in the mount spacing.

Using Frame Locks with Endless Arc and 100 RB Frames

All 165 mount Endless Arc, Arc ES, Arc CS, and 100 RB Frames feature longitudinal (vertical) slots that allow for precise front-back positioning on a boot. Frame Locks may be used with these frames to provide solid clamping and reduced front-back play in the slot. Note that the all the front-back play will not be eliminated due to the slots being longer than the Frame Lock part itself.

We recommend using the Offset Frame Locks (blue) in the longitudinal slots of all these frames to properly position FR boots that have a 7-hole mount. This will still give you some rearward adjustment range.

The Centered Frame Lock (pink) can be alternatively be used in the lateral slot on Arc frames to align with the rearward holes in an FR boot with 7-hole mount.

For the Endless 100 RB Frame we recommend using the blue Frame Locks toward the rear of the slot to align an FR boot. We recommend using the pink Frame Locks toward the center of the slot to align a Rollerblade or Adapt boot.

Swan Frames

A set of centered Frame Locks is included with Endless Swan Frames, and do not need to be purchased separately. If you require Offset Frame Locks (blue) for use with Swan Frames then those will need to be purchased separately.

Frame Lock technology may be licensed from Endless Blading LLC.  Please email us to inquire.  Copying our patent protected IP and products is theft.

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