Balanced Rocker

We believe that the fun-factor is noticeably enhanced when the first and fourth wheels are slightly elevated relative to the two middle wheels.  We call our unique recipe of slightly rockering our frames "Balanced Rocker" because agility and stability are balanced to give a superior skating experience that suits all skill levels. The skate feels more agile and maneuverable without being twitchy or unstable like 2 mm banana rockers can feel to some skaters.  Beginner level skaters will have a much easier time learning to turn their skates and to carve.  More experience skaters will love the responsiveness and the ease with which they can perform swively flatland tricks.  The amount of rocker for each of our frames is tuned to the wheelbase length, and has been meticulously dialed in by folks that love to skate as much as you do.  In other words, it's not the same absolute amount of rocker for each frame size.

Check out this blog post for more thoughts on rocker design.

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