What frame size do you recommend?

Need help choosing the right frame size?  We have created a quiz to help recommend the ideal frame for your boot size, skating style, skill level, and ride preferences.  Click the link below to take the quiz:

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Don't fee like like taking the quiz, but want some quick general guidance...keep reading.

If you are an advanced skater then you will likely already have preferences regarding frame length and wheel size.  You can choose any of our frames to suit your preferences and skating style.  The following recommendations, however, are for beginners and intermediates who may not have as much experience with different skate setups, and are based on skate size.  

In general, bigger wheels (90 mm and up) will be faster, have more momentum at speed (you can coast longer with less effort), and will have a more comfortable ride on rough pavement.  The ride height will be higher due to the taller frames and larger wheels so a stiff supportive boot is recommended.  Beginners should realize that bigger wheels can allow for some fairly high speeds so you will need to be capable of braking and stopping effectively.

Smaller wheels (84 mm and below) are quicker to accelerate from a stop, have less top speed, require more effort to maintain speed, and have a bumpier ride on rough pavement.  The ride height will be lower to the ground and will feel more stable.

If you have an ice skating or rollerskating background and do not feel as comfortable with a longer frame you may want to choose the smaller frame size if you are in two ranges.  

For beginner and intermediate level skaters we recommend:

  • Endless 80 for boot sizes 40 EU and below
  • Endless 90 for boot sizes 38-44 EU
  • Endless 90 ES for boot sizes 42 EU and above
  • Endless 100 for boot sizes 42 EU and above

For advanced level skaters we recommend:

  • Endless 80, 90, 90 ES, or 100 for all boot sizes

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