Is ride height compromised on Trinity boots?

When we set out to create Endless Trinity frames we intentionally wanted to preserve the proven design of our original 165/180 mm frames that skaters across the globe have been loving since we launched our brand.  As the saying goes: “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  Since our frames our dual setup designs this means that both the 4-wheel and 3-wheel configurations must clear the bottom of the boot.  The Trinity mounting interface presented its own unique set of geometric constraints, especially considering that we were adapting our designs for every Trinity boot on the market (for all sizes), which all have different boot profiles.  With Trinity the minimum clearance condition occurred for the center wheel of the 3-wheel setup.  We boldly chose to set this clearance to an amount even less than what Powerslide engineers use on their own designs.  

The end result of our nearly year-long development was a family of Trinity frames that not only achieved the absolute lowest Trinity triskate setups available on the market, but also resulted in a 4-wheel Endless experience with ride heights even lower than that of our original165/180 mm frames.  By choosing an Endless Trinity frame, you are ensuring that you will enjoy a highly optimized skating experience with a proven track record of peformance.

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