How to rotate wheels to maintain the rocker

In order to maintain the as-designed balanced rocker on Endless frames we recommend doing the standard 1-3, 2-4 (and flip) rotation every 10-20 miles depending on your skating style, wheel hardness, and body weight.  For most skaters this might occur every 1-3 sessions.  We find that this maintains a very even wear pattern and keeps the amount of rocker always in the sweet spot that we designed into our frames. If you are using softer wheels, or are a heavier skater, then you might have to rotate more often than someone using harder wheels, or someone who doesn’t weigh as much.  

Here’s an excellent video showing the rotation pattern we are referring to above (you obviously can leave your frames mounted to your skates):

Standard 4-wheel inline skate rotation

If you enjoy a more accentuated rocker on your skates then you may find that simply flipping the wheels in place, or swapping them straight across (1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4) might be more to your liking. Initially the outer wheels will start to wear more and the amount of rocker will be increased.  At a certain point the inner wheels will wear as well, and you will reach an equilibrium in the wear pattern.  This will give you a personalized rocker that is unique to your own skating style and technique.  

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